ENDOMETRIOSIS IN GHANA – A Gynecologist’s Perspective. (An interview with Dr S.K Gumanga, M.D, FWACS) Written By:Fareeda Serwaa Brobbey, B.Pharm, MPSGH The doctor [...]

    My name is Yayra, 31years of age. I had my first menses at the age of 15 and it was associated with a lot of pain. I never knew I had endometriosis until age 19 when I got to [...]
  • “CATA WHAT”?!

    That was my question when doctors finally confirmed my diagnosis, “Catamenial Haemo-pneumothorax“. I was hospitalised, on oxygen and had a chest tube in my right [...]
The Endometriosis Foundation Ghana (EFG) is a Non-Profit Organization focused on creating awareness and providing support on Endometriosis in young girls and women in Ghana and beyond.

What is Endometriosis?
Endometriosis is a condition in which the endometrial tissue, (lining of the uterus) is found outside it in other parts of the body.
10% of women suffer endometriosis at some point in their life. Symptoms are variable and this may contribute to the donate7 to 10 year delay in diagnosis. Common symptoms include pelvic pain that can put life on hold around or during a woman’s period. It can damage fertility.Whilst endometriosis most often affects the reproductive organs it is may also be found in the bowel and bladder and has been found in muscle, joints, the lungs and the brain.


We aim to promote campaign and provide advocacy among young women of productive age in Ghana and beyond as well as health professionals and the general public. Learn More »


EFG strives to increase disease recognition among the people of Ghana, provide advocacy and relevant support to the people affected. Learn More»


Our vision is to influence policies towards establishing Endometriosis Health Centres across Ghana, geared at providing support, research and education of the condition. Learn More»