My name is Yayra, 31years of age.
I had my first menses at the age of 15 and it was associated with a lot of pain. I never knew I had endometriosis until age 19 when I got to the tertiary level. The pain each month was becoming unbearable and to worsen it, my menses was also becoming irregular.
My mom finally took me to see a gynaecologist,Dr Effah at Korle-Bu.
He was very nice and good. After running some tests on me; I was diagnosed with primary endometriosis and placed on mefenamic acid for the pain.
I was later placed on contraceptive for 6months and later 3months. This brought me some relief.
The journey has not been easy.
Back in school,it was difficult to remember to take the contraceptive daily as prescribed so my room mate suggested I placed it on our dinning table so I can always take it during breakfast. When friends visited and saw it, they concluded we were flirting on campus without asking us. I lost my boyfriend as a result and she had to do a lot of explaining to her boyfriend until I showed him my hospital reports.
Each time I get my menses;it comes with pain so severe I can’t describe it. It is difficult to sleep well. I sometimes have to miss work for the first 3days and cope with it till the fifth day.
The medication I was on was very helpful because during those days I never felt the pain.
My ability to conceive has been affected as I have been married for 5years now without a child.
I stand for the fight against endometriosis and for increased awareness because of the pain I endure and because a friend lost her job as a result of her battle with endo.
Now;I have come to accept the pain. I keep looking for ways of minimizing the pain and look to the future with the hope that one day, a permanent solution will be found. I pray that one day I will get my healing.

Yayra, Kasoa

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March 2017